The Riddles of Epsilon

The Riddles Of Epsilon/Christine Morton-Shaw (著)
外貨参考価格: $16.99
価格: ¥1,792 (税込)
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対象: ヤングアダルト
ハードカバー: 375 p ; 出版社: Katherine Tegen Books ; ISBN: 0060728191 ; (2005/05)

The Riddles of Epsilon/Christine Morton-Shaw (著)
外貨参考価格: £12.99
価格: ¥2,405 (税込)
OFF: ¥425 (15%)
ハードカバー: 400 p ; 出版社: HarperCollinsChildren'sBooks ; ISBN: 0007199813 ; (2005/10/03)
It's a dark and chilling mystery set on a lonely island, and like nothing you have ever read before.

When Jess is taken by her arty parents to live on a barely populated island, she thinks life is going to be so dull. Until she stumbles into a stranger called V in an internet chatroom. With V in her life Jess is drawn into a tangled web of mysteries and riddles, and her family is dragged into a series of events she's helpless to stop - or is she?