Maybe a Miracle/BRIAN STRAUSE (著)
U.S. 定価: $21.95
価格: ¥2,174 (税込)
OFF: ¥383 (15%)
ハードカバー: 400 p ; 出版社: Random House Inc (T) ; ISBN: 1400064643 ; (2005/10/11)
In this disarming debut, Brian Strause has written a vastly entertaining novel about an American family transfixed by a series of mysterious events. From a comfortable suburb of Columbus, Ohio, emerges a story of rebellion, faith and hope, bridging the cultural gap between those who believe in miracles and those who wish they could.

Monroe Anderson–as quiet on the outside as he is sardonic and alive on the inside–has spent most of his eighteen years in suburban Ohio trying to fly beneath the radar. If he can remain invisible, he believes, his sadistic older brother, a rising golf star, might not torment him. His workaholic father, a renowned litigator, might not notice him long enough to be disappointed. The only people who glimpse the real Monroe are his girlfriend, Emily, and his eleven-year-old sister, Annika.

On the night of his senior prom, Monroe finds Annika floating facedown in the family pool. He dives in and rescues her, but not quickly enough to prevent her from slipping into a coma. As the family copes with this crisis, Monroe’s mother turns to religion, his father turns to beer, and Monroe himself tries to make sense of the events that begin happening around his sister.

Maybe a Miracle is personal and sweeping, familiar and extraordinary, heartbreaking and humorous. In Monroe and Annika Anderson, Brian Strause has created two irresistibly warped teenagers for our times, spiritual descendents of Holden and Phoebe Caulfield. The result is an unforgettable emotional journey.